AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test
AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test
AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test
AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test
AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test
AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test
AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test

AwarerHOME HIV Oral Self Test

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The same HIV oral test used by medical professionals.
AwarerHOME™ HIV Oral Self Test has an impressive diagnostic sensitivity of 99.23%, and specificity of 100.00%, with overall accuracy of 99.61%, making it a highly reliable method for HIV screening.

Painless and Fast
Easy and painless swab of gums. Results after 15 minutes.

Anonymous Testing in Private
Perform the test anytime, anywhere in comfort without the fear of judgement.

AwarerHOME contents:

  • 3 pouches meticulously labeled 1,2 & 3 for ease of use.
  • An informative booklet with clear testing instructions and FAQs.
  • A discreet, plain bag for hygienic disposal.
  • The knowledge that leaves you awarer post-test.
  • Discreet Package
  • Fast shipping
  • Free Shipping East Malaysia
  • Free shipping to Singapore above 3 kits
  • MDA Approved

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1. Individuals that are less willing to provide blood samples.

2. Individuals that require fast results

3. Individuals involved in high-risk behaviours

4. Anonymous testing only involving doctor and patient

5. Outreach testing

6. Facilities with limited equipment (e.g. laboratory, fridge) and working space


1017 participants were recruited from 3 clinical institutions and were prospectively screened for HIV infection. Results are shown in the table.

Diagnostic Sensitivity: 516/520 = 99.23% (95% CI: 98.04%-99.79%)

Diagnostic Specificity: 497/497 = 100.00% (95% CI: 99.26%-100.00%)

Overall Accuracy: (516+497)/1017 = 99.61% (95% CI: 99.00%-99.89%)

Not just a good-looking package..

How we fare against others.

This kit contains...

3 pouches meticulously labelled for ease of use

An informative booklet

A discreet, plain bag for hygienic disposal

The knowledge that leaves you awarer post-test


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East Malaysia - ~ RM20 (USD5) Flat Fee
Singapore- Free Shipping 3 kits & above



Thank you for shipping this product quickly! It is easy to use and simple

J. Kim

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B. Peters

Affordable! Fast delivery and best of all- private

J. Simons

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Fast shipping to me in Asia! Cheap and Fuss free.

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Why did this not become available earlier? Its cheaper and accurate that another kit I use!

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AwarerHOME™ HIV Oral Self Test is a single use, rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of antibody to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) type-1 and/or type-2 in human oral mucosal exudate (oral fluid). It is intended for self/ home test use.

  1. Accurate – AwarerHOME™
    HIV Oral Self Test is the same HIV oral test device used by many physicians in clinics and hospitals for HIV screening.
  2. Simple – AwarerHOME™
    HIV Oral Self Test is easy to use, painless and can be used discretely and comfortably in a private location.
  3. Privacy – AwarerHOME™
    HIV Oral Self Test guarantees complete anonymity. Your identity is safeguarded as you are not required to consult a physician, nor report your test results to any parties. 

Yes, the test is approved by Medical Device Authority (Malaysia).

  • Everyone above the age of 18 should get tested for HIV at least once in their lifetime.

  • For individuals who engage in high-risk activities, e.g.
    1. Sexually active individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender;
    2. Individuals who share needles to inject drugs;
    3. Individuals who perceive themselves as at risk and have never undergone HIV screening or been diagnosed with HIV, testing should be done more frequently, at least once a year.

  • It is also recommended for all pregnant women to get tested to prevent mother-to-child transmission and ensure proper care for both the mother and the baby.

AwarerHOME™ HIV Oral Self Test is able to detect an HIV infection if exposure to the virus has been more than 3 months. Usually, your body develops antibodies to HIV during this time, making the test accurate. If you test negative within 3 months of exposure, it's a good idea to test again every month after to be sure.

AwarerHOME™ HIV Oral Self Test has a sensitivity of 99.23%, correctly detecting an HIV infection in over 99 out of 100 tests. The test has a specificity of 100.00%, which means that it almost never delivers a wrong result by saying someone has HIV when they don’t.

Scientists and medical experts agree that HIV does not survive well outside the body. This means that the risk of environmental transmission (spread) is remote. Therefore, if someone came into direct contact with your test stick, there is extremely little risk of transmitting HIV to them. Contact with saliva has never been shown to result in the transmission of HIV. Because your test result is positive you will need a second test to confirm your HIV status. Please see your physician or a healthcare provider to obtain a follow-up test in a medical setting. A doctor, clinic, or healthcare professional must confirm your AwarerHOME™ HIV Oral Self Test. Until your result is confirmed, be sure to take precautions to avoid any chance of spreading HIV. In particular, you should avoid all sexual activities until you know your HIV status. You can dispose of the test in general waste; no extra precautions are necessary.

You are NOT obligated to report your AwarerHOME™ HIV Oral Self Test results to any parties.

For Malaysia- If you wish to, you can submit your test results on the “TEST NOW” platform anonymously for data collection and analysis purposes. The website also provides basic information on HIV and a list of healthcare institutions you can go to for further assistance.

Furthermore, the result of this test kit is NOT conclusive. To confirm your HIV status, you may get a confirmatory laboratory test at a clinic or hospital.